A Woolly Wonderful Christmas is Coming....

Now, I normally don't like to think about Christmas and shopping until the end of November, but this year I am VERY excited and can't wait for it to come! 

'Why' I hear you ask?  Well, I've been having lots of fun looking for the best treats and gifts for our Crochet Christmas Parcel!  'Whats's that?' I hear you cry?  If you missed it last year - it's a Parcel full of the cutest crochet treats we can lay our hands on!  If you've been a good girl or boy this year - maybe you can add it to your list!  It is full of surprises - but usually includes items such as A BRAND NEW WEE WOOLLY WONDERFULS CHRISTMAS THEMED KIT, Mini Kits, a cool Limited Edition Project Bag, a sweet treat, and several ridiculously cute items from the best independent sellers we can find!  A real heaven of treats for anyone who loves crochet - Christmas isn't just for the kids anymore!!!

The Christmas Parcels are strictly limited in numbers, and tend to sell out quickly - so if you've been good this year - keep your eyes peeled and grab one fast when they are released!  As when they're gone, they're gone (and everyone who missed out is sure to cry!)

This year I MUST remember to save one for myself!  Love Lisa and the Bunnies! xxx