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Learning how to crochet a simple chain is a great starting point for beginners. It's one of the first crochet stitches you'll learn and is used in most patterns. Get confident with how to crochet a chain and lay the foundations you need to get started with your first crochet project. 

To help you learn how to crochet I’ve created a series of Youtube crochet videos showing basic crochet stitches for beginners. Each video will teach you how to do a different crochet technique or stitch allowing you to learn crochet step-by-step. Just go at your own pace and learn how to crochet as slowly (or quickly) as you want.


Watch Tutorial - How to Crochet a Chain 

The first Youtube tutorial is on how to do a crochet chain. This basic stitch is a great place to start and to learn how to hold your crochet hook correctly. Please watch and follow the video to learn with pictures, but you can also follow the written instructions that have been transcribed below the video.



How to Crochet a Chain - Written Instructions

  1. To start with we're going to use regular Aran wool, which is similar to the yarn used in at most of our crochet kits. I use a three and a half millimeter crochet hook in the video, but feel free to use whichever size hook you have to hand.

  2. This is just practice at this stage, so don’t worry about it being perfect. Just focus on learning the foundations of how to crochet a chain and you can learn to be tidier later!

  3. First of all, we're going to do a slipknot. Simply pull the wool into a loop and then pull the long end (this is the end that is attached to the ball of wool) gently through the loop. Pull gently and you should now have a slipknot.

  4. Slipknots are alterable so you can make it bigger or smaller. Just pull gently on the wool attached to the ball

  5. Now you have a slipknot, pop it over the end of your crochet hook. Use the hook for grabbing the wool and pulling it through.

  6. Now we're going to do a chain which is one of the most basic and foundational stitches in crochet. You will have 2 ends of wool – one that’s loose and the other attached to the ball of wool. Start by wrapping the wool backwards and around. (Watch the video to see this in action). Go behind the crochet hook and around to the front again.

  7. Hold it there to give the wool some tension. Don’t pull to tightly or have it really loose – just hold it firmly and use the hook to get hold of the wall and gently pull it through the slip knot.

  8. . You should now have the start of a small chain. It looks like a little v – you have now created one chain stitch!

  9. Carry on doing that – go around the back to the front then use the hook to pull it through. Be careful that you don’t split the wool otherwise it won’t look very neat.

  10. Get the whole strand just so and then pull through. You should be able to pull the wool around the hook to make the stitch larger or we can pull the strand gently to pull it back

  11. Don't pull the wool too loose but you don't want it really tight because you want the wool to pull through otherwise you will end up getting a bit of a tangle. Not good when you are learning something new like crochet.

  12. Wrap around and then gently pull through again wrap, around and pull through. When you see an instruction on a crochet pattern that says chain ten (for example) we do the slip knot first.  That does not count as a chain – they are counted by how many times you wrap around and pull through.
  1. Keep practising and try different ways to hold your hook and wool - you will find a way that becomes comfortable for you. Don’t worry if you’re not holding your hook in the same way I am in the video. You’ll find your own style as you practice more.

  2. Count the chain stitches by holding your crochet chain nice and flat. We’re looking for the full v-shapes (ignore the slipknot) to count.


And there you have it - the basic instructions to learn how to crochet a chain. You may need to practice a few times to get it right, but as the old saying goes, 'practice makes perfect'. 


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