Phew - our new website is ready at last!! Now where's my wool.....

I'm naturally a creative type of person - did you guess?  Being creative is well - FAB - but it does leave me with a more woolly kind of head when it come to technical tasks!  So creating a more user friendly and fun website was a REAL labour of love!  

Lots of sighing, head scratching, and tea and biscuits was involved - along with a maximum a day of 2 hours doing it, because anymore and the sighing became far too animated!  

I wanted everyone to come and have a look to at my labour of love, and would LOVE to hear what you think.  If anything doesn't work - well, as I said I'm far more creative than technical - but please tell me so I can headscratch and eat more biscuits, and try my best to make it right!

Thanks for reading my Wee Woollies friends, and for this week only as a special treat - you can grab yourself any 4 kits or Little Extras for the price of 3!  Simply add 4 items to your basket, and enter Voucher Code BIRTHDAY and hey presto by some sort of mysterious technical magic, one will (fingers crossed!) be free! Thats's because its my website's birthday (well and my birthday, but the less said about THAT the better!)

I had to exclude handmade items and frames from the offer - but kits are far more fun for you, so fill your Woolly Boots before the magic breaks down!

Right, now, back to the FAB creative stuff at last, after far too many long hours at my laptop..... hurray!! Love Lisa (Mrs Wee Woolly Wonderfuls!)

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