Sherbet Rainbow Crochet Giraffe - Beginners Kit
Sherbet the Rainbow Giraffe
Toy Giraffe Crochet Kit for Beginners - Contents including wool and instructions
Rainbow Toy Crochet Giraffe
Wool Colour Options for Rainbow Toy Giraffe Crochet Kit
Close up - stitching details toy giraffe's head
Close up detail of crochet giraffe ear
Sherbet the Giraffe having a lie down
Crochet Stitch Details - Body of toy giraffe
Crochet Stitch Details - Crochet Toy giraffe
Crochet Giraffe - tail stitching detail
Giraffe Crochet Kit - Contents of Project Bag (wool, stuffing, pattern, crochet hook and stitch markers)
Rainbow Toy Crochet Giraffe - Side View
Giraffe shaped stitch marker
Colours in Pinks & Purples Wool option - dark and light purple, light pink and dark pink
Colours in Rainbow Pink &  Greys Wool option - white, light grey, pink and darker grey
Colours in Rainbow Brights Wool option - Light Blue, Dark Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow and Green
Colours in Rainbow Pinks Wool option- purple, pink, orange, yellow, green and blue
Wee Woolly Wonderfuls

Sherbet the Rainbow Giraffe Crochet Kit for Complete Beginners with Video Tutorials

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A crochet kit for complete beginners containing everything you need to make your very own Sherbet the Rainbow Giraffe! Either make her yourself, or give the kit as a crochet gift for a friend or family member to handmake a giraffe that will be treasured for many years to come. Sherbet makes the perfect friend to children and adults alike! 

This toy crochet giraffe is bright and cheery, and as the wool is naturally colour changing, it's easy to make her - and every Sherbet Giraffe will be unique! She's a character and is quite likely to eat all of your biscuits! She is a very loyal friend and lots of fun to be around! 

Learn how to crochet with video tutorials

Our Rainbow Crochet Toy Giraffe is suitable for a complete beginner - follow our step-by-step Video Tutorials on our YouTube Channel.  Learn how to make her, from reading the pattern, every stitch, to sewing her up and adding eyes etc.

The finished toy giraffe stands 42cm at full height, or 28cm when seated.

Sherbet the Rainbow Giraffe Crochet Kit for Complete Beginners contains:

  • All of the high quality supersoft yarn required to make the giraffe
  • An A5 8-page pattern booklet with detailed instructions and pictures
  • A 4mm soft-grip crochet hook (you can now select a kit without a crochet hook for a reduced price)
  • 70g of quality toy stuffing in a pretty white organza bag
  • A wide-eyed needle for sewing
  • A colourful locking stitch marker
  • A unique giraffe shaped stitch marker
  • Packaged in a beautiful reusable cotton project bag

If the kit is for a child, the needle can be substituted for a children's safety needle, simply add a 'note to seller' when ordering.

4 Yarn colour options for Sherbet:

1. Rainbow Pinks - rainbow colours with pinks and purples, blue, orange, green and yellow (our Sherbet is in this colour)

2. Rainbow Brights - bright and cheery red, orange, light and dark blue, yellow and green

3. Pinks and Greys - more subtle pastel pinks, greys and white for a classic feel

4. Pinks and Purples - beautiful and bright shades of purples and pinks

Select your favourite colour option from the drop-down menu when ordering.

The wool used is a supersoft high quality, made from 100% acrylic.

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