Our Top 3 Crochet Animal Kits

Our Top 3 Crochet Animal Kits

Wee Woolly Wonderfuls is the home of cute crochet animals. As specialists in Amigurumi (a Japanese style of crochet and knitting creating small stuffed animals), we are surrounded with all kinds of crochet animals every day!

We produce complete animal crochet kits so that anyone can learn how to create their favourite animals at home. 

But which animals are most popular? We sell a wide range of cute crochet animal kits but there are three animals that are conistently in our best-seller list. 


1. Bunny Rabbit Crochet Kits

The top spot goes to the bunny rabbit. Our customers love our rabbit kits and patterns and use them to create crochet rabbits in a variety of sizes and colours. Our rabbits are so popular that we've even created crochet patterns for some fun accessories for your woolly friends, like a tiny backpack and a hair bow. 

Arthur & Betsy Bunny are our most popular animal crochet kit for beginners. It's the perfect kit for anyone looking to learn how to crochet. With detailed instruction booklet, YouTube tutorials and the support of our friendly Facebook group, you'll be crocheting in no time at all. 

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2. Giraffe Crochet Kits

Aimee & Sherbert the Giraffe are the stars of next most popular animal kit for beginners. You could ceate a whole family of giraffes (incluiding babies) to use as toys, ornaments or give as gifts. 


This kit is suited to people with no crochet experience whatsoever. As always we'll guide you through with detailed instructions and step-by-step YouTube videos. 

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3. Lion Crochet Kits

The King of the Jungle is our third most popular animal. And our King is called Alfred the Lion - a crochet kit that's for those with basic knowledge of crochet stitches and some experience.

It's the ideal follow-on project after you've learned some basic crochet skills using the bunny and giraffe kits. 


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Other Animal Crochet Kits

Is your favourite crochet animal listed here? We've stock a wide range of cuties, so if you can't see your favourite, visit our Crochet Kits page to see them all.



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