Learn to Crochet - How to Slip Stitch and Fasten Off

Learn to Crochet - How to Slip Stitch and Fasten Off

Helping people to learn how to crochet is our passion! This blog is focused on learning how to crochet a slip stitch and then fasten off.

A slip stitch is used in most crochet patterns so it's an important basic stitch to learn for beginners. It's used for:

  • joining crochet chains and rounds
  • gives a neat edge to finished projects

The image below shows how the crochet piece on the right is finished with a slip stitch so has a much neater edge than the one on the left without a SS. 

1.	This image shows 2 items of crochet, the one on the left has been finished without a slip stitch, and the one on the right has been finished with a slip stitch to give a much neater edge.

And learning how to fasten off correctly will avoid your project unravelling and losing all your hard work. It's a much neater way to finish off your work as if you just cut the yarn and fasten off it will leave a little ridge/step in your work.. 

So, let's get into learning how to SS and FO ( the abbreviated way to write Slip Stich and Fasten Off in crochet patterns). 

Watch Crochet Tutorial - How to Slip Stitch and Fasten Off

This Video Tutorial is part of a 'Learn to Crochet' series from Wee Woolly Wonderfuls, showing different stitches in UK Crochet terms. Please watch and follow the video to learn with pictures, but you can also follow the written instructions that have been transcribed below the video.

 Just go at your own pace and you'll be crocheting in no time. 

Written Instructions - How to do the Slip Stitch and Fasten Off

2.	Shows the last stitch has been completed and we are ready to begin the slip stitch.

1. Starting with your magic circle, or whatever crochet project you're working on, go into the next stitch under both sides of the V. Grab the yarn and pull it through.

3.	The crochet hook is placed under the next stitch.

4.	Wrap the yarn around the hook, ready to be pulled back through the stitch.

2. Then pull it the loop bigger and take it off the hook.

5.	Pull the hook back through the stitch, angling it slightly so that the yarn on the hook pulls back through the stitch easily.


6.	Once the yarn has been pulled through, pull the loop bigger and remove your hook. Cut then yarn leaving a 20cm tail.

7.	Put the end of the yarn through the loop and pull it tightly to secure.

3. Cut. (If you are going to be using the thread to sew a limb on, or it was the end of an arm you’re finishing, you would leave a length, maybe about 30 centimeters and, in that way, we can use that strand of yarn to do our sewing up.)

8.	The slip stitch is complete.

4. Put the end that we cut through the loop and pull it.

9.	If you wish to fasten off the strand, thread it onto a needle and sew it though the centre of the next stitch.

5. As you'll see, it's a much more rounded effect. If we'd have just literally cut our yarn and put it through without doing the slip stitch, we would have had a sharp step. But, as it is, that's much neater and it's a good way of finishing off all sorts of body parts for our Wee Woollies amigurumi characters. 

10.	Sew a couple of small stitches into the back of your work, then cut the strand at it's base
11.	The end has been sewn in, and you can see the almost level edge of the crochet work.


There you have the basic instructions for a SS and FO.  You may need to practice a few times to get it right, but you'll soon get the hang of it. 


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