Frequently Asked Questions about our Crochet Kits, Gifts, Patterns & Accessories


Q: Are your Crochet Kits suitable for a complete beginner to learn how to crochet?

A: Our full sized Bunny and Giraffe Kits (as opposed to the small baby versions) are perfect for a complete beginner, as both have step-by step Video Tutorials available online. Check out our Aimee the Giraffe Kit, and Arthur & Betsy Kits - they are specially for beginners, to make learning your new hobby easy!

View all of our Beginner Crochet Kits with video tutorials here. 


Q: Is there any help available if I get stuck making a kit?

A: Yes of course!  Feel free to email me at weewoollywonderfuls@outlook.com, or send me a message if you need some help. 

Follow our Wee Woolly Wonderfuls Facebook Page for news, offers and crochet chat. 

We also have a friendly community for Wee Woolly fans, with lots of crocheters with varying experience, who love to help others and share photos of their makes!  Join the Wee Woolly Wonderful Community of Woolly Friends on Facebook. We'd love you to join us - we are friendly, all inclusive and welcome everyone!


Q: Are the Crochet Kits suitable for Vegans?

A: The kits containing acrylic yarn are suitable for Vegans, as these kits contain no animal products. The content of each kit is detailed towards the end of each listing. 

The Wool and Alpaca Kits would not be suitable for a Vegan, although no animal is harmed when shearing the wool. Wool is a natural and biodegradable material.


Q: What if I run out of wool in my Crochet Kit?

A: It's very rare, as the kits always contain more materials than needed, but if you do, get in touch - we're happy to send more wool, free of charge.

Q: I have a friend/family member who loves crochet, do you have any gifts they would like?

A:  As a crocheter myself, a Crochet Kit is one of my favourite gifts - check out our range of Luxury Kits, starting from only £23.00. 

For an extra special gift, we also have Crochet Gift Boxes in a range of prices, all year round.  We also bring out special edition Gift Boxes throughout the year, but be quick as these often sell out fast.


Q:  Is your packaging environmentally friendly?

A: We have recently changed to recycled, recyclable mailing bags, which are OXO biodegradable,(should they not end up being recycled correctly). We also reuse packaging from deliveries wherever possible, with items such as bubble envelopes, mailing bags, bubble wrap for frames.  We use plastic sparingly, and reuse wherever we can, as we strongly believe in protecting our environment.