Complete Crochet Accessories Set - Full Contents
Complete Crochet Accessories Set Contents
Crochet Accessories Set - view inside zip bag
Rainbow Crochet Hooks with Zip Case
Crochet Hook Zip Case
Zip Case with Wee Woolly Branding
Close up handles - crochet hooks
Rainbow Crochet Hooks
Rainbow stitch markers in tin
Stork Embroidery Scissors
Crochet Project Bags and Crochet Accessories
Tin of Stitch Markers
A Luxury Crochet Accessory Set
Wee Woolly Wonderfuls

A Luxury Crochet Accessory Set

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Indulge yourself with this complete luxury set of super cute crochet accessories.  Containing everything you need to crochet, in a stylish 100% cotton zipped Project Bag. 

Save a huge 20% on individual prices, by purchasing the complete set - the ultimate luxury Crochet Treat!

Luxury Crochet Accessory Set Contains:

1. A gorgeous Zip Crochet Project Bag in natural and black, with the cute Wee Woolly Wonderfuls bunny logo on the front. There is a sturdy zip opening, and lots of space inside. This soft touch quality project bag is ethically produced, and can easily hold two 100g balls of wool, a set of crochet hooks, and more. The bag measures 32cm wide, 23cm high and 10cm deep, so is a great size for holding your Wee Woolly project!

2. A small Zip Case, perfect for keeping all of your Crochet Accessories together.  The size of a pencil case, this sweet natural coloured case, has our Wee Woolly Wonderfuls bunny logo on the front.  It is ethically produced to a high quality, made from 100% cotton, and is soft to the touch.  The cute zip bag measures 20.5cm wide, 11cm deep, and contains a full set of 9 rainbow-coloured soft grip crochet hooks in sizes 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 4.5mm, 5mm, 5.5mm, and 6mm. 

3. A pair of silver stork embroidery scissors,  measuring 9cm in length. Small and sweet, and perfect for all of your crocheting needs.

4. A Heart Pin Set containing 30 long sewing pins in a pinwheel. Just the thing for holding together body part of your Wee Woollies, whilst sewing them together.

5. An adorable little silver screw top tin, perfect for keeping your Stitch Markers safe in your project bag! The tin has our cute Wee Woolly Wonderfuls logo sticker on the lid, and contains 10 different brightly coloured locking plastic stitch markers.  The tin measures 3.6cm in diameter and is 1.5cm deep - the perfect size to hold your cute markers! The markers are 2.3cm long, and 1cm wide, perfect for marking the end of your round. The tin will contain a set of 10 different coloured stitch markers, but please note that colours may vary to those shown in the images.

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