Toy Giraffe Crochet Kit for Beginners - Aimee
Toy Crochet Giraffes - pink, yellow and blue
Toy Giraffe Crochet Kit for Beginners - finished giraffe toys in pink, yellow and blue
Aimee - Crochet Giraffe Toy
Alice the Giraffe - Pink Crochet Giraffe
Toy Crochet Giraffe Kits for Beginners
Contents of Toy Crochet Giraffe Kit for Beginners
Alice the Crochet Giraffe - Pink
Crochet Toy Giraffe - body detail
Crochet detail - toy giraffe tail
Toy Crochet Giraffes - Aimee, Alice and Albert
Aimee the Giraffe Crochet Kit - Complete Beginner Kit with Video Tutorials
Aimee the Giraffe Crochet Kit - Complete Beginner Kit with Video Tutorials
Aimee the Giraffe Crochet Kit - Complete Beginner Kit with Video Tutorials
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Aimee the Giraffe Crochet Kit - Complete Beginner Kit with Video Tutorials

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A complete crochet kit for beginners containing everything you need to make your very own Aimee the Giraffe! Either make this toy giraffe yourself or give the kit as a gift for a friend or family member so they can handmake a giraffe that will be treasured for many years to come.

Meet Aimee's Giraffe Friends! 

Aimee's kit comes with gorgeous traditional yellow and gold wool. Albert is made from pretty blue and white, whilst Alice comes with sweet pink and white wool. They are all very mischievous characters - always up to something, be it drinking Sangria, or mooning at your grandma! But they all make very loyal friends, and are lots of fun to be around! 

The completed giraffe toys stand at 42cm at full height, or 28cm when seated.

Add a Baby Giraffe to Your Order

You can now also add a Baby Version of your chosen Giraffe to your order at a special discounted price - and just who doesn't need a Baby Giraffe too?

View Baby Aimee the Giraffe Crochet Kit

Beginner Crochet Kits contain:

Learn how to crochet! This kit is ideal for complete beginners:

  • All of the high-quality supersoft yarn required to crochet your Giraffe
  • An A5 printed 8-page pattern booklet with detailed instructions and pictures
  • A 4mm Softgrip Crochet Hook (you can also now opt not to have a hook included for a reduced price)
  • A wide-eyed needle for sewing
  • Colourful Locking Stitch Marker
  • A cute giraffe shaped Stitch Marker
  • 70g quality toy stuffing in a pretty white organza bag

Our complete crochet kits are packaged in a beautiful reusable 100% cotton Wee Woolly Wonderfuls Project Bag.   

If you do not require a crochet hook in your kit  - simply select this option from the drop down menu!

Crochet Video Tutorials for Beginners

A complete beginner to crochet? There are now step-by-step crochet tutorial videos to make Aimee on Youtube Purchase the kit, and then watch the videos to learn how to crochet Aimee the Giraffe, from reading the pattern, every stitch, to sewing her up and adding eyes etc.

Would make the perfect gift for a crafter, someone expecting a baby or grandchild, or for yourself!  If the kit is for a child, the needle can be substituted for a children's safety needle.

The wool used is a supersoft high quality, made from 100% acrylic.

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